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Why Join?

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Why Join?
Membership makes a difference: Since 1989, the GRTMA has reduced traffic congestion and pollution on the Eastside.

Membership in the GRTMA...
  • Provides a high rate of return on resources regardless of a company’s size
  • Affords marketing and promotions opportunities not otherwise available
  • Becomes a financial backstop to regulatory compliance
  • Links the business community into a single voice to solve area transportation challenges
  • Allows participation in the development of future transportation infrastructure
  • Invites expert assistance to meeting business goals associated with transportation demand management
  • Assures greater overall success of programs and incentives
Types of services a member can receive*...
  • Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)/Transportation Management Plan (TMP)
    • Survey assistance (electronic and paper)
    • Plan review and report submission
    • Regulatory compliance assistance and advice
  • Marketing and Promotions
    • On-site, staffed themed transportation event(s)
    • Training of company employee transportation coordinator (ETC) for additional in-house events
    • Monthly marketing calendar
    • Promotion of statewide campaigns
    • Promotion of city services and incentives
    • Employee newsletter(s)
    • ETC meetings for informational exchange and marketing materials distribution
    • Electronic flyers
  • Administration
    • Negotiation of FlexPasses for Transit/Vanpool
    • Pass distribution
    • ETC services
    • Reports from Employer Commuter Club Program (R-TRIP)
    • Ride matching
  • Transportation Demand Management
    • Needs analysis to meet business goals
    • Recommend program strategies and incentives
    • Measure effectiveness of program
    • Parking management planning
    • TDM for land use development planning
  • Web Resources
    • Individual member Web page at GRTMA site
    • Members Only section for information exchange
    • CTR Calendar
    • Regulation information
    • Special promotions
    • Self-help commute resources
    • Examples of successful program design and how to monitor
    • Internet ride-matching
    • Road conditions updates/smog alerts
    • CTR updates
    • Transit schedules
    • Vanpool resources
    • Regional newsletter
  • Grants
    • Grant identification, planning and assistance
  • Advocacy and Public Relations
    • Transportation legislation affecting member companies
    • Representation on committees, task forces and meetings with decision makers
    • Input to local policies, programs and planning
    • Partner with transportation providers to collectively represent member commuters for routing and service
    • Gain recognition for members’ successes in the press and through award nominations
    • Obtain recognition for members’ employees through the development of recognition programs
    • Achieve “Best Workplaces for Commuters” recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for qualified members

*Some services not included in basic membership package.


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