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Letter to Executives
  Welcome to the Award-Winning Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association (GRTMA)

Traffic congestion comes with economic costs to any region. To mitigate the economic impact, the GRTMA brings together corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, property owners, and city, county, and state representatives to meet the challenges and devise successful strategies and solutions. These strategies support both the long and short-term transportation goals of the region.

From 1989 to the present, the GRTMA, a private, non-profit corporation in Redmond, Washington, has enabled organizations and commuters in Redmond and the greater eastside of Puget Sound to achieve transportation demand management goals. The GRTMA’s long list of local, regional and national awards and recognition only serves to underscore its dedication to carrying out its mission and meeting its objectives.

Regulatory compliance can also impact the economic health of a region, but the GRTMA meets this challenge by supporting its members with assistance in complying with city, state, and federal requirements. This assistance can take the form of incentives to employees, promotions/marketing, surveying, plan writing, grant development, program development, needs analysis, parking management studies, and effectiveness evaluation, measurement and tracking.

Together, we can effect change!

For more information on becoming a member, please call 425-702-8001 or email us at

Linda Ballew
Executive Director
Greater Redmond TMA

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