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Testimonials from GRTMA Member Organizations

"Overlake Christian Church has worked hand in hand with the Greater Redmond Transportation Association to implement and establish programs for our employees to use alternative ways of commuting to work. GRTMA has guided us through the process to get our programs up and running, without their assistance we would not have the program that we have today. Because of all their hard work and effort Overlake Christian Church has received the “Pacesetter” award from Commuter Challenge, the “Biggest Change in SOV rate for a voluntary CTR Worksite” award from the City of Redmond and the “Diamond Award” in the category of ridesharing from Commuter Challenge. Without GRTMA’s creation of the ridematching system “RideQuest”.com, different campaigns throughout the year that encourage carpooling and vanpooling, help with our Commute Trip Reduction Survey we would not be able to have the great program we do for our employees. We want to thank all of the staff at GRTMA for their continued support and contribution to our program throughout the years."
--Barb Graef, Overlake Christian Church

"If you're looking for support with your Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) initiatives, the Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association (GRTMA) is a great organization to partner with. Nintendo has worked with the GRTMA since its origin in 1991. This partnership has greatly contributed to Nintendo's successful efforts to promote commute alternatives to driving alone.

I became Nintendo's Employee Transportation Coordinator in October 2002 (five months ago today), and I have relied heavily on the GRTMA's support. The GRTMA provides great marketing materials to increase awareness of alternative commute options and to advertise promotions throughout the year. My primary role at Nintendo is Training Manager in Human Resources; frankly, I could not have taken on the ETC responsibilities and kept up with my primary job duties without the turnkey marketing programs the GRTMA provides.

The monthly meetings are key in keeping up to date in the many programs offered by the various city, county, and state agencies that support CTR efforts. And lastly, as a new ETC, I've come to rely on and greatly appreciate the responsiveness of the GRTMA staff to my questions and requests. When I needed help negotiating a CTR-related contract, they were there; when I wanted a bus bike rack for people to touch at our transportation fair, they knew who to contact; when I requested training on the fundamentals of setting up a vanpool, they set it up within a month for all members. The GRTMA demonstrates its commitment to reducing single occupancy vehicle commuting on an ongoing basis through the high-level support it provides to its member companies.

I strongly recommend partnering with the GRTMA for help with your CTR initiatives. Nintendo's award-winning record in the area of Commute Trip Reduction is not just a testimony to our own commitment, but also a testimony to the phenomenal support we've received from the GRTMA."
--Gary Ford, Training Manager, Nintendo of America Inc.

"With 127 total employees registering during the Transportation Fair, this was by far our most successful event of this kind. And the interest in vanpooling and other alternative commuting afterward was phenomenal. This afternoon I had two groups, one from Snohomish County and one from Duval/Carnation both contact me to take immediate concrete steps to start vanpools. Plus a lot of requests came my way for zip code contacts to look for potential carpool partners. You really got people thinking.

Your efforts today and the professionalism of your materials and presentation are greatly appreciated. It had, as you can see, a very positive impact on our CTR program.

Thank you for coming today and for your on-going support."
--H. John Wiltshire, Employee Transportation Coordinator &
Manager, Technical Publications & Document Control,
Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems

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