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Tour de Redmond
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10th Annual
Tour de Redmond
Summer Bicycle Commute Challenge
June 1 - July 31, 2015

Congratulations to the following winners of our Prize Drawings!

The following medal winners have won $100 Performance Bicycle Gift Cards:

Manoj B., Alcatel Lucent
Pawel K., Microsoft
Greg F., Universal Avionics
Ellen L., Universal Avionics
Wesley G., Honeywell
Eric P., Microsoft
Mike H., Physio-Control
Robert R., AT&T
Steve J., Honeywell
Dragos S., Microsoft

The following participating riders have won $25 Kroger Gift Cards:

Justin B., Aerojet
Sarena M., Universal Avionics
Mark C., Microsoft
Julie P., AT&T
Dan D., Microsoft
Petr P., Microsoft
Ted E., Microsoft
Andy Q., Microsoft
Wendy F., Universal Avionics
Yong Q., Microsoft
Lisa G., Microsoft
Alexander S., Microsoft
Mike G., Microsoft
Erica S., Microsoft
Nikita K., Microsoft
Leah S., Honeywell
Ricardo M., Microsoft
Pat S., Overlake Christian Church
Rob M., Microsoft
Adwait V., Microsoft

Sponsored by GRTMA, Microsoft, and RideAmigos Corp


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