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Tour de Redmond
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Gifts and Prizes

Tour de Redmond 2013

July 8-August 31, 2013

sponsored by GRTMA, Microsoft, RideAmigos Corp. and R-TRIP

What Will You Receive if you Participate?

  • For registering and logging at least one bicycle commute, you will receive a great Tour de Redmond T-shirt to wear on the trail. T-shirts will be delivered through your company or site ETC.



  • A Certificate of Achievement in your name stating how many miles you rode in the Tour de Redmond 2013 competition.


What other Surprises await if you Participate?

  • You may be entered into a drawing to win one of five $50 or 10 $25 Gift Cards
  • Prize Drawings for various prizes, including for Surprise Commute Days!
  • Each participant will also receive discount coupons from local merchants (TBA).
  • A whole lot of fun this summer while helping to reduce air pollution and traffic.


What Happens if you Win?

  • You and/or your team will be presented with either a trophy or recognition award.
  • You are entered into a drawing along with other winners for one of ten $100 Amex Gift Cards.
  • You will be added to the Tour de Redmond Hall of Fame and featured on Tour de Redmond’s Facebook page along with your picture or your team’s photo.
  • You will gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that you are contributing to lowering pollution and relieving traffic congestion.

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