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The greater Redmond area has many bicycle trails and lanes to help you get to work, as well as a large community of employees who share this wonderful way of commuting. Therefore, you’ll always have plenty of smiling faces to help you out along the way. Ask your ETC about work-site facilities for bicyclists and walkers such as showers and lockers. Discover for yourself the commute that so many people are getting excited about!

Among the many advantages of bicycling and walking are:

  • Bicycling and Walking are cost effective and environmentally conscious ways to commute.
  • You will get and stay fit! The exercise you get on the way to and from work will help increase your energy and productivity at work. You'll arrive back home feeling refreshed and stress-free. GRTMA and local bicycle associations can help with maps and detailed commuting information.
  • You may meet co-workers who also commute by bike or by foot.

Redmond Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee

Their mission is to enhance Redmond's non-motorized transportation system to better enable people to safely and efficiently move about the community by foot and bicycle. For more information visit their




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