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Annual Promotions
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Year-long promotion
R-TRIP is an ongoing promotion available only to employees and residents within the city limits of Redmond. It gives cash rewards to all who use commute alternatives along with various transit and vanpool subsidies.


"One Day A Week" Challenge

This 3-month long promotion to encourage commuters to choose an alternate to driving alone to work at least one day a week kicks off in Feb 2, 2015.  Weekly prize drawings offer an opportunity for participants to win one or more times and the more that they participate the larger the prize drawing option.

Participants can register at and track their commutes on their R-TRIP calendars.

Wheel Options
Every Fall, the Washington State Ridesharing Organization (WSRO) gives commuters chances to win large prizes (including travel packages!) for simply using a commute alternative.


CAReFree Summer
Summer carpooling competition which challenges companies to increase the amount of carpooling and other alternative commutes in the summer months. Prize drawings and recognition are given to winning carpoolers and their companies. Only 8 days of participation over the three month period will entitle commuters to be in the drawings held in September.

Bike To Work Day
Each May, the GRTMA sponsors several bike-to-work day stations in Redmond. The stations distribute great treats and opportunities to win prizes for GRTMA member employees who choose to bike to work.


Tour de Redmond Summer Bicycle Commuter Challenge
Summer (June-July)
A two-month GRTMA event held every summer where bicyclists compete against one another in company teams and as individuals.  Cash prizes along with trophies are awarded to individuals and teams.
Summer (August-September)
A statewide annual promotion administered by King County Metro wherein those using alternative commutes such as carpool or vanpool at least 2 days a week during the promotion can be entered into prize drawings.
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