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carpoolers These links are provided to give our visitors and members the resources and contacts needed to help find a better commute.

Who can help / Find your ETC

Here you will be able to find your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), the person(s) designated at your workplace to provide all employees transportation information. They, along with the GRTMA, are a great resource for all your commuting questions and needs.
Your Commute Costs
Did you ever wonder how much you could save by switching from driving alone to a smarter commuting alternative? This section will provide you with all the information you need to compare the economics of different commuting options.

Cash for your Commute
As an employee within the City of Redmond, you are lucky enough to have a one-of-a-kind program that pays you for not driving alone. Visit this section to find out all about the program and how you can sign up. Also, get up to $5,000 towards improving your company's commute program with the help of your ETC through R-TRIP.
Member List
The Greater Redmond TMA represents over 55 employers, business parks, and residential communities. Here you will find a list of all our members. If you are not already a member, contact us to see what membership can offer you.


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