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There are several great options for getting to work in Redmond, and most of them don’t involve driving alone. As one of the largest employment centers in the Northwest, Redmond commuters have great options for their commute, ranging from Vanpooling to biking to Express busses, and everything in-between. To see which commuting option will best fit your needs, click here.  
Sound Transit Bus Bus/Train
Redmond is served by a variety of express and local buses from around the region. Save money, and save time by using the faster-moving HOV freeway lanes. Take your bike along to complete your trip.
  Carpool Vanpool/Carpool
As one of the largest employment centers in the state, there are many options for sharing the ride to work. Meet some new people, save time, and save money simultaneously.
Bike To Work Bike/Walk
The Redmond area has some of the best biking and walking trails in the state. Many of those trails pass within feet of your worksite. Join your co-workers for this healthy, refreshing commute.
  Park and Ride Park & Ride Lots
Park & Ride lots offer free parking and make a great meeting and parking place for carpoolers and vanpoolers, as well as for transit users.
Vanshare Vanpool Vanshare
Vanshare allows you to complete the missing link between the bus/train/ferry stop and home or work. Save tons of money, use transit, all while having personal transportation!
  Washington State Ferry Ferries
Vanpools and 3+ person carpools get guaranteed loading, plus Vanpoolers only have to pay walk-on fares.
Telework Alternative Schedule Alternative Workweek   Telework/Alternative Workweek
With your management’s approval, try out a compressed work schedule or teleworking, allowing you to avoid the commute altogether.
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