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Vanpool - the easy way out!
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As one of the largest employment centers in the state, finding a Vanpool can be quick and easy with help from your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) and, the statewide ridematching system. Generally, a Vanpool is made up of a group of 7-12 people who share their commute in a larger vehicle. Start a Vanpool with as few as 5 people, or join an existing van. Vanpools set their own schedules, design the route and designate pick-up and drop-off points – a custom-made commute! Many companies help subsidize Vanpool fares and have already started several Vanpools, so contact your ETC to get more information.

Among the many advantages of Vanpooling are:

  • Vanpooling is often the cheapest option available to you, monthly fares are often lower than even the bus!
  • Vanpooling saves time and reduces stress through use of the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.
  • Vanpooling lessens harmful carbon emissions from driving. Each new person in a Vanpool means another car off the road, and is a huge win for clean, healthy air.
  • You may meet fellow co-workers and neighbors through carpooling.

To find a vanpool going to your worksite, please:

(Contact to find out how to contact your ETC)


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